Student Attendance Awards

ICDM 2021 offers attendance grants to full-time students. The purpose of the student attendance grants is to encourage graduate student participation at the conference by partially funding the costs of students who would otherwise be unable to attend.

Applications are accepted from full-time students at degree granting institutions. The maximum amount and type of support provided to each grantee are set by the committee, and it is intended to fully cover the registration.

All full-time students are encouraged to apply. Other criteria will include evidence of a serious interest in data mining research, as demonstrated by coursework and project experience. ICDM encourages participation of women and under-represented minorities, as well as participation of students from under-represented institutions.

Information is provided below on eligibility and application requirements for these grants. The required documentation should be submitted as a single document to, no later than Oct 31, 2021, 11.59pm, New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) in PDF format. Late submissions or documents in other formats will not be accepted.


What is covered?

The maximum amount of support provided to each grantee is set by the committee, and it is intended to fully cover the grantee’s registration. Note that you will still need to register the conference. The awardees will receive the fund after the conference.


How to apply

Students interested in applying for attendance grants should submit an application (as one PDF file) that includes:

  • A CV that indicates the institution where the individual is currently studying / working
  • A letter from the applicant including:
    • A brief statement of the applicant’s research interests, accomplishments, and future research plan
    • A description of how the grant will help them with their research plans, and
    • Any information that the student feels relevant for supporting their application, including title of the paper and names and affiliations of the co-authors if the student is an author
  • A recommendation letter from the student’s advisor supporting the application. The letter should include:
    • Confirmation that the applicant was a student in good standing at the time the paper was submitted to ICDM,
    • A description of how the applicant will benefit from attending ICDM, and
    • An explanation of why the student is in need of the attendance grant.

The documents should be merged as a single PDF file and send to All applications using other formats will be rejected. The Title of the application should be “ICDM 2021 attendance grant application”.

The deadline to submit the application is Oct 31, 2021, 11.59pm, New Zealand Standard Time (NZST).