Session Chair and Presenter Information

On the virtual platform, there will be 2 types of sessions (Zoom or AirCast):

  • Main Conference Paper Sessions will be using AirCast
  • Workshops and Tutorials will be using Zoom.


If you are participating as a speaker or session chair, make sure you arrive at your session 15 minutes ahead of time. Please locate your session on the virtual platform system once you log in.


If you are a speaker, please introduce yourself to the session chair when you arrive.


During your session slot, your prerecorded video will be played for the session, and Q&A will follow. Q&A is 5 minutes.


The Q&A will be of several formats, and the questions may be typed in via a live Q&A window or participants may raise their hand and be brought onto the stage to ask the question live. To be brought on stage, participants must share their microphones and video camera.


At the end of your session, there is a social networking room dedicated explicitly for your session. This networking session would give you a chance to talk to others and network with participants that have joined your session. You can find the room on the timeline.


More detailed guides can be found here: AirCast guide, Zoom guide and best practices for event presenters.


You should be receiving your login between 72 and 24 hours ahead of time. If you have not received any communication about this by Monday 6th Dec 2021, 11.59 pm NZDT, don’t hesitate to get in touch with, and we will send your login link directly to you.