We are pleased to announce the following awards:

  • 2021 IEEE ICDM Research Contributions Award: Eamonn Keogh (University of California Riverside, USA)
  • 2021 IEEE ICDM Outstanding Service Award: Chengqi Zhang (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)
  • 2021 IEEE ICDM 10-Year Highest-Impact Paper Award: “IRIE: Scalable and Robust Influence Maximization in Social Networks”, by Kyomin Jung, Wooram Heo and Wei Chen
  • 2021 IEEE ICDM Best Paper Award: “A Statistically-Guided Deep Network Transformation and Moderation Framework for Data with Spatial Heterogeneity”, by Yiqun Xie, Erhu He, Xiaowei Jia, Han Bao, Xun Zhou, Rahul Ghosh, and Praveen Ravirathinam
  • 2021 IEEE ICDM Best Paper Award Runner-Up: “TRIO:Task-agnostic dataset representation optimized for automatic algorithm selection”, Noy Cohen-Shapira and Lior Rokach
  • 2021 IEEE ICDM Best Student Paper Award: “FRAUDRE: Fraud Detection Dual-Resistant to Graph Inconsistency and Imbalance”, by Ge Zhang, Jia Wu, Jian Yang, Amin Beheshti, Shan Xue, Chuan Zhou, and Michael Sheng
  • 2021 IEEE ICDM Best Student Paper Award Runner-Up: “AS-GCN: Adaptive Semantic Architecture of Graph Convolutional Networks for Text-Rich Networks”, by Zhizhi Yu, Di Jin, Ziyang Liu, Dongxiao He, Xiao Wang, Hanghang Tong, and Jiawei Han
  • 2021 IEEE ICDM DEI Awards:
    • Smilla Hinterreiter (Germany)
    • Duoyi Zhang (Australia)
    • Yue(Joy) Wang (Australia)


Special thanks to our Awards Committee:

  • Xia Ning, The Ohio State University (IEEE ICDM 2021 Awards Chair)
  • Pauli Miettinen, University of Eastern Finland (IEEE ICDM 2021 Program Chair)
  • James Bailey, The University of Melbourne (IEEE ICDM 2021 Program Chair)
  • Xindong Wu,  Mininglamp Academy of Sciences (IEEE ICDM 2021 Steering Committee Chair)
  • Jian Pei, Simon Fraser University
  • Diane Joyce Cook, Washington State University
  • Eamonn Keogh, University of California Riverside